Hollywood - District 2

Green Space Under Siege
Orange Brook Golf course is actively being discussed for development, its future is uncertain.

We should treasure our green space because once it is gone our future generations will not have the opportunity to enjoy them.

It has been my priority to protect residents and their tax dollars against special interests. These last few years I have voiced out the communitys concerns in fiscal matters and tried to save as many funds as possible. There is more work to be done, and I plan to continue to highlight the community’s needs.

latest news

Hollywood's current budget is being worked on by the City Manager. In order to come up with a balanced budget, we have already voted not to increase taxes. Other cuts will have to take place such as reducing City Hall hours of operation to 4 days a week including longer hours, cutting back on Beach life guards, freezing code enforcement positions, and also reducing on Parks and Rec programs.

All of these cutbacks on the City's basic functions are being proposed because some would rather keep funding the CRA AKA “Developer's Welfare System” while the rest of the city suffers.